Well, since I posted yesterday, might as well post again

If you’ve read yesterday’s post, and you’re back today, you may have noticed a change. A little more font and a little less blah.

Since I was already rooting around in the cellar, I started by pulling out the theme files and taking a peek.

Wow, but things have changed. The CSS files are condensed messed, split out by “function”, but overlapping. And everything is relational, not really measured in pixels or any measurements that are absolute.

Even the font declarations are relational. And quite banal.

I spent a good eight hours reading and reviewing those contents, and finally got here.

I don’t know how much more I want to dig into this, but it might prove educational.

If this default theme isn’t just an experiment in making something.

But try to change a margin. Try to condense some of this expansive white space around these blocks of text. Try to control how the calendar looks, or the widgets are laid out, or even do anything beyond a <span> tag, and you’ll understand that this is just more complex than it needs be.

I’m not used to math being such an integral skill when writing CSS.

I guess some people just want to secure their jobs. Or something.

I’m going back in. Hopefully see y’all later.


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