Cooler weather is approaching…

At last, the time of year where going outside doesn’t make me immediately think, “uck, no.”

The A/C has started turning off periodically, the stickiness is leaving the air, and the mosquitos are starting, starting, to leave me alone.

A little ironically, this is the time that locals start thinking about going out and doing things – camping, parks, trips. In the summer, that’s when people come here. Winter, that’s when we can have some fun.

A one-eighty degree turn from the way I grew up. So far, I’m not having difficulties with it.

In terms of the site – I’m figuring out the ways to structure data, and how that presents in the site. The menu in the upper-right of the page is now getting a little exercise, as I explore.

The theme remains rather obtuse, but other ideas for customizing it are presenting themselves, slowly. Probably not in time for a Halloween theme, but maybe.

Well, that and I want to make graphics and I don’t agree with Adobe’s current licensing scheme for Photoshop, so I have to teach myself a new software to make the pretties….

So, another shorter post, this one is a little more rambling.

Thanks for reading. Have some fun out there.


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Hi! I'm Nate. I run this site. I'm just rebuilding things slowly, so thanks for your patience.

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