Tryna make habits -or- have you ever tried to buy offal online?

Well, I got my logo back in the upper left, but I don’t like it.

Maybe because it’s the first thing I’ve ever made in Inkscape, but also because it looks kinda like butt. (And a bit tire-like, according to a friend.)

So, I’m back to rummaging around in the code, and as long as I’m here I might as well make a quick post…

My brother made his first meatloaf last week.

Wait, let me back up.

My brother and I cook. I think it’s because our mother didn’t cook much when we were growing up – she was working as many hours as she could, so we had to fend for ourselves. Sometime in our late twenties, we, mutually and separately, discovered a desire to learn how to cook. Not just make food, but cook.

Fast forward through the years, and he veered into barbecue and smoking and doing things to meat that would make the animals satisfied with their sacrifice, and I dove headfirst into teaching myself the French-style mother sauces and daughters, I devoted myself to making soups, chilies, and as many difficult recipes as I could find online. You can say we developed complimentary styles.

He barbecues the steaks, hamburgers, and brats, and I make the sauces and the marinades, also taking care of the pasta salad, potato salad, and any other wild side we decided on earlier in the week.

But he’s started branching out, and made his very first meatloaf – and it was good. Nice and moist, with thoroughly mixed ingredients that didn’t turn it into a super-dense brick of meat.

I was impressed. It wasn’t my fancy meatloaf, but he’s trying to stretch out and he did a really good job.

After a couple of meals of that, and subsequent meal-comas, I realized that he’s starting to walk into MY territory.

To be fair, his territory involved the grill and patio, and mine was kinda the kitchen, but still…

And since I’m the oldest brother, I need to assert my older-brotherness…

So, I’m going to try to make some haggis.

Or, at least, that was the idea. Until I started searching for ingredients today.

I need lamb heart, liver, fat, and casing to be as true to the recipe as I can be while being an American citizen and living on American soil.

Every place I look, I can find one or two of the above, but not all. And they’re all shipped from at least one time zone away.

So, I’m trying to find a good resource for all the things I need for haggis. I don’t want to order from two or three places, but it’s looking like I’m going to have to.

Almost makes me want to make a sheep farm, because haggis is so good.

If I do manage to get everything together for it, I’ll post the recipe I use on this site.

If I don’t, expect more posts where I complain loudly, and then for the topic to suddenly disappear.

Okay, enough stalling. I gotta get myself back into that code and try to beat it into submission.

Have fun, readers, and thank you for reading my meandering word-vomit.



Hi! I'm Nate. I run this site. I'm just rebuilding things slowly, so thanks for your patience.

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Hi! I'm Nate. I run this site. I'm just rebuilding things slowly, so thanks for your patience.