Taking a break from the theme tonight

Spent another six hours staring at theme files and deciphering functions after my last post, and decided that I just wasn’t feeling it tonight.

I mean, it was productive. I discovered the purpose of this theme is focused on providing a gallery type website, so that explains why things are all relational to each other, rather than relying on set measures that would cause display inconsistencies between device types and operating systems/browsers.

So, yeah, I’ve kinda backed off of finding a new theme or beginning completely from scratch. But I can’t stare at all them files for another night.

Besides, it’s almost weekend. And that means I gotta figure out what we’re going to be doing.

One important thing is to get a new TV. Out existing 55″ has been slowly getting darker over time, but we resisted getting a new one until we noticed that the brightness is at 100% just to make the dark areas visible, and that brightness is washing out details in games that just won’t fly.

So, it’s a non-rent paycheck, time to spend some money.

But, after setting up this new TV, the rest of the weekend is wide open. And I’m not sure that theme-hacking is on the menu.

Probably clean out the freezer – one of the sites that I found that will ship lamb stuff for haggis is planning a slaughter soon, so I gotta be ready to order the meat and have somewhere to store it as soon as it arrives.

Yeah, not a very exciting post. Maybe I can get exciting after I hammer in the habit of blogging every day, to the point where I’m always kinda composing blog posts in the back of my brain.

Then I can go do interesting things and blog about them.

That’s the theory, anyway.

And, I kinda enjoy putting out a blog that is just stream-of-consciousness, if only to try to battle all those blogs that are all buzz-words and marketing and selling stuff and making money.

I like making money, but not so much that I’ll forgo basic decency. Or advanced decency.

So, thanks for reading – have some fun out there!



Hi! I'm Nate. I run this site. I'm just rebuilding things slowly, so thanks for your patience.

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By Nate

Hi! I'm Nate. I run this site. I'm just rebuilding things slowly, so thanks for your patience.