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Hello world!

2012/12/06 in Uncategorized has expanded to include and  This means it has a greater presence on the Internets for the Feesl family.

To better serve this new presence, as well as to honor my father, this website is getting a much needed overhaul and technological upgrade/update/facelift.

So far, the plans are to include individual member blogs, a forum, better ties into Facebook/Google+/twitter/et al, and to make that dream I had back in 1998 a reality.  Monitoring is now in place, and now all that is left is to do.

Please be patient as I build the groundwork for the site.  I’m not sure how long it will take, but if you’d like to guesstimate yourself:  I’m already three days ahead of schedule, after starting at about 22:00 US CST.

Now that I’ve mentioned that, it’ll probably take seventeen times longer to get the rest done.  But let’s hope not.

I think I’ll cross my fingers, anyway.

Scriwwtchk thsat.  Rtwwnb zi cwwn’t rtypse.

Okay, fingers uncrossed.  Now, on to it.

— Nate

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